Appointment Duties

Throughout their lifelong appointment, the Poet Laureate of Johnstown will agree to

  • serve as an ambassador for poetry in their community through public readings and community initiatives, beginning with a poetry reading at the award ceremony

  • collaborate with other cultural leaders and organizations in Johnstown to promote poetry in the community

  • encourage Johnstown residents to take part in the poetry community and nurture an appreciation for poetry as an art form

  • continue to celebrate the genre of poetry by doing more than 4 public readings and cultivating the craft by writing more than 5 poems


Many towns, cities, and countries appoint writers to represent their communities and to help foster an appreciation for the art of poetry.  You can learn more about the Poet Laureate of the U.S.A, for example, by visiting our nation’s Library of Congress (www.loc.gov).  Here in Johnstown, we hope this initiative will enrich local residents with creative energy and give people the opportunity to learn about one another through poetry.

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